6 December 2017


1600 Registration  
1800 Opening ceremony
Welcome remarks by GNP2017 Chair, Wilson Garcia and co-chair, Prabhat Verma
1820 Plenary Session 1: Polaritons
Chair: Prabhat Verma
  Polaritons Beyond the Rotating Wave Approximation
Junichiro KONO (Rice University, USA)
1900 Welcome Reception/Dinner  

7 December 2017


0900 Plenary Session 2: Nano-bioimaging
Chair: Vincent Daria
  Alkyne-tag Raman imaging for detecting small molecules in living cells
Katsumasa FUJITA (Osaka University, Japan)

Deep tissue super-resolution in brain
Shi-Wei CHU (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

Label-free Raman analysis and quantitative phase imaging of immune cells
Nicholas SMITH (Osaka Unversity, Japan)
1030 Break
1050 Plenary Session 3: Plasmonics 1
Chair: Shi-Wei Chu
  Broadband Plasmonics
Achanta Venu GOPAL (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India)

Plasmonic and dielectric metasurface for light scatterer and absorber/emitter
Junichi TAKAHARA (Osaka University, Japan)

Optical chirality generation and amplification in plasmonic nanostructures 
Meng QIU (Hongkong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)
1220 Lunch  
1330 Plenary Session 4: Plasmonics 2
Chair: Shriganesh Prabhu

Controlling light polarization in plasmonic waveguides
Jianjun CHEN (Peking University, China)

Plasmonics of phase-change and topological insulator chalcogenides
Cesare SOCI (Nanyang Institute of Technology, Singapore)

1430 Break  
1450 Plenary Session 5: Plasmonics and Terahertz
Chair: Mark Nolan Confessor
  Plasmonic sub-micron surface modified terahertz (THz) sources
Shriganesh PRABHU (Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, India)

Probing oxygen adsorption in 2D materials using laser terahertz emission microscopy
Filchito Renee BAGSICAN (Osaka University, Japan)

Terahertz emission from nanostructured silicon
Elmer ESTACIO (University of the Philippines, Philippines)
Poster Session

1900 Conference Banquet  

8 December 2017


0900 Plenary Session 6: Nanoscale photonic devices
Chair: Katsumasa Fujita
  Fluorescent platinum nanoclusters for bio-imaging
Yasushi INOUYE (Osaka University, Japan)

Towards the ultimate limits of phonon-polaritons confinement

Alexander DUBROVKIN (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Embedded optical micro/nanofiber sensors
Lei ZHANG (Zhejiang University, China)
1030 Break  
1050 Plenary Session 7: Nanofabrication
Chair: Prabhat Verma
  Biosensing with phase singularity in nanophotonic metal-dielectric stacks
Ranjan SINGH (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)

Functionalized photokinetic materials
Giovanni TAPANG (University of the Philippines, Philippines)

Plasmonic modulation based on 2D materials
Zheyu FANG (Peking University, China)
1220 Closing ceremony  
1230 Lunch  
1330 Excursion